Range of the course for novice international freight forwarders:

1. Transport company vs. forwarding company

In this section you will learn about the differences between a transport company and a forwarding company, the structure of companies, the choice of employment at a certain stage of your career, the choice of strategy depending on the type of company (and its structure).

2. Technical aspects

Types and most popular fleets and their necessary equipment. Cargo space and driver/drivers time management. Types of technical and commercial documentation required.

3. Forwarder's work tools and their efficient use

This section will present the necessary tools and software applications for the work of a forwarder and those that make it significantly easier.

4. The most popular transport and forwarding markets

Freight exchange is a powerful tool that when used skillfully can greatly improve the comfort of the freight forwarder's work, in this chapter we will describe the most common freight exchanges in Europe and their functionality.

5. Market amplitude in transport

Every industry has its ups and downs - the same applies to transport and forwarding. In this section you will find out when to expect such periods and how to prepare for them, as well as you will learn the rules and principles of the market in the most popular European countries.

6. Development of business relationships

A business partner is not just the recipient of our services. In this section you will learn how important your colleague or driver can be and how to use such relationships to increase your productivity.

7. The pitfalls lurking for freight forwarders

It is said that people learn best from their mistakes, and in the freight forwarding profession those mistakes can be very expensive, so it is worth learning from the mistakes of others. In this section you will learn interesting stories from the life of a freight forwarder (not all of them ending happily). You will learn how to avoid most of the lurking problems in the world of transport and forwarding.

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